Split Pine Axe Throwing : 2021 Blues Brews & Barbeque Festival

This would be the 1st time that Split Pine Axe Throwing would have an Experiential experience for their prospects at this festival with an Axe Throwing set up right outside of their Brick & Mortar location which is at 627 Hamilton St. Allentown, Pa. The festival is located on Hamilton St. Between the blocks of 9th and 6th St. We were referred by another client to them about their interest in Advertising on our Backpack Billboard for this one day festival!

To help Split Pine Axe Throwing raise awareness about their Axe Throwing Outside Experience set up! We utilized our *New Sleek Video/Led Backpack Billboard advertisement! The Backpack Billboard allowed Split Pine Axe Throwing to have a walking advertisement for Blues, Brews, & Barbecue Festival . We also greeted the festival attendees as they entered the grounds and passed out flyers while wearing the Video/Led Backpack Billboard model.

To help Split Pine Axe Throwing raise awareness about their Axe Throwing Outside Experience set up! And to encourage the festivals attendees to stop down in front of their business!

Our Team passed out Split Pine Axe Throwing flyers that emphasized "Join Our League! Sign Up Now!
We also passed out their Business cards that promoted 'Redeem this coupon for the $10 off a one hour throwing session for two people

Blues, Brews & Barbecue Festival
Downtown (Allentown, Pa) Hamilton St.
Between 9th & 5th St,
7/31/21 and professional
We were successful in passing out 200 flyers to the attendees and 85 Business cards

There was approximately 10,000 people in attendance at Blues, Brews, & Barbecue Festival 2021

We moved freely throughout the blocks of the festival wearing the Video/Led Backpack Billboard

(Source ) Owner-Operator Dan Garcia : APAM helped us spread the word about our Axe Throwing Set Up In Front of our business with being polite and professional. We was a 20 % increase in League memberships from the flyer distribution. And we had long lines of people at Axe Throwing set up and most of the people had our flyers and business cards in hand because of APAM's diligent work. I highly recommend them to Advertise and promote your brand!