Advertisement Circular and Free Standing Inserts

An integrated campaign utilizing our Mapped and Targeted Insert tool delivers an addressable geofencing digital display ad to your target households, setting the stage for the arrival of the printed marketing piece, targetable down to the carrier route level, in their mailbox. This multichannel approach increases frequency, measures foot traffic, and amplifies your message, resulting in increased response.

Benefits for Your Business

- APAM Sole Advertiser Inserts’ various size options gives you the freedom to showcase as many (or few) products or services as you need in a single mailing on full-color, two-sided piece. We've made the process: easier APAM's All-inclusive rates include design, printing, advertising costs, postage and shipping.
- Targeting the same household list with digital advertising to complement your print insert drives greater return on your advertising investment.

-When you utilize our Targeted Inserts, you are the only business featured on your full-color, two-sided piece.

- This targeted mail product allows you to target your best customers from the full market all the way down to specific carrier route level. (A carrier route is defined as a group of addresses that a mail carrier can deliver to in a single day.)

- APAM's Mapped and Targeted Insert mail piece, enabling you to focus on the same neighborhoods where the households that receive your print ad with a digital ad, amplifying your message and increasing frequency.


What Exactly is a Insert piece in the APAM Advertisement Circular?

An integrated campaign with Targeted Insert Boost helps amplify your message and increase frequency for greater return on your ROI with direct mail marketing piece. When you take advantage of a Targeted Insert, your business will be the only one featured on a single piece. That targeted mail piece can be anything from a single sheet of high-quality paper to a four page insert depending on what products and services you want to highlight. APAM Sole Advertiser Inserts are two-sided and full-color, which will deliver your message in a professional and effective format. Pairing an APAM Out Of Home Advertising campaign complements your Sole Advertiser Insert and drives greater return on your advertising investment.

Utilizing the targeting capabilities of our shared mail Targeted Inserts will help drive even better ROI for your advertising campaign. Our data analysis and targeting capabilities identify only the consumers most likely to do business with you. We can then distribute to an entire ZIP code or hyper-target to the carrier route level based on data. We can also help you to identify and mail a Targeted Insert in the areas that newspapers are missing. These cost-effective products allow you to reach more potential customers that are outside of newspaper coverage and/or don’t fit your target audience demographic, generating greater ROI your advertising initiatives!


Below are the different sizes you can utilize for your business. Not sure which one is the right way to deliver your message? Don’t worry; our APAM Direct Mail Specialist will be happy to help you determine the most effective piece size based on the message and products or services you want to feature. Call us at 877-238-2726 or email us at

More than 11-1/2 inches long, or more than 6-1/8 inches high, or more than 1/4 inch thick, except as allowed for EDDM-Retail flats under 140. For general retail mailability, all pieces 1/4 inch thick or less must be a minimum of 5 inches long and 3-1/2 inches high and 0.007 inch thick.
Not more than 15 inches long, or more than 12 inches high, or more than 3/4 inch thick.
Flexible (see 2.3).
Rectangular with four square corners or with finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 0.125 inch (1/8 inch). See Exhibit
Uniformly thick (see 2.4).
Unwrapped, sleeved, wrapped, or enveloped.



*APAM 9X12 Multi-Ad Mailer (Put The Mouse On The Left Or The Right Of Image & Click To Start Ad Carousel )

*APAM 9x12 Multi-Ad Mailer-

*I created this Super High Quality multi-ad mailer to specifically to raise awareness in the community by
SUPPORTING OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES by putting their brand in front of more qualified prospects and increasing their bottom line!

*This is a shared EDDM (every door direct mail) product that will be delivered by the United States Postal Service and to residences only!

* Up to Eighteen advertisement spaces!

* Super High-Quality Product! Will enable you to increase your ROI and boost your profits and achieve widespread brand recognition!
*Not a throwaway piece of junk mail!

Track your results with a Redeemable, chippable Sales offer! Add a QR Code to your print ad mailing material for prospects to scan using their smartphones or tablets. This gives a mystique to the mailing as well as a way to bring them into your digital environment when a prospect scans the code, they are able to interact with your brand in any of the following ways!

*Subscribe their mailing
*Watch Videos
*Download free content, menus
*Print or save coupons
*Participate in a special promos or discount offers
*Share your updates with their own network

CALL APAM TODAY 610 504-3142 // Email:





APAM Advertisement Circular Front And Back Cover & Inside Cover (Put The Mouse On The Left Or The Right Of Image & Click To Start Ad Carousel )

APAM Advertisement Circular is made from 9% cardstock (similar to 100# cover) with a gloss finish and is a Quality material Direct Mail marketing product, that we contract advertisement space, and undertakes market research on behalf of our clients. Our Circular is delivered to the Post office in wrapped bundles so there is no chance of your insert falling out. This is an USPS (EDDM) every door direct mail product.

*Final size of the publication is 10.5" x 9"
* This is a digital and printed advertising circular so some ads must have a 1/8 bleed added, and all ads must be 300DPI
APAM Advertising Circular is a full color circular.


*Advertisement Sizes:

Any ad designed by publisher larger than a business card that wants. a QR CODE, must be furnished by the publisher. no exceptions! The QR code is free for 1st time advertisers. A $39 value! Quarterly and yearly QR Code hosting is available at a pre-booking discount! This also helps us give you metrics and analytics and provides us with information for case studies on your campaign! Call your APAM sales representative today for more information 877 238-2726 or 610 504-3142 Monday through Friday 7 am- 7pm or email:

Advertisement Formatting

Material format
All files should be supplied at 300 dpi or higher in a CMYK color format as PDF or JPG with appropriate. bleed sat at 1/8" all around for full-page and double page spread ads.


*Guaranteed Position
25% above standard rate

3 Month includes 2nd zone (same footprint) within the same calendar year FREE!
6 month includes 2nd zone (same footprint) within the same calendar year FREE!
12 month includes 2nd & 3rd zone FREE in any footprint.
Buy a Front Cover and get a Front Cover Free within the same calendar year!
Buy a Back Cover and get a Back Cover Free within the same calendar year!

*3-12-month contracts are for consecutive months. ONLY require prepayment!

*Ad copy must be approved 1 week prior to deadline,
ads will be sent to email address on file.

An APAM sales rep will attempt to visit you in person prior to deadline.

If your unable to approve copy by deadline you give permission to us to run a prior ad

Business Card Size:
Trim: 3.5" x 2" h (horizontal sizes only)
Design for this size not available!
Client must provide print ready file.

Call for pricing!
877 238-2726 or 610 504-3142 Monday through Friday 7 am- 7pm or email:

1/3 page
Trim: 2.4" w x 10.125" h (Vertical)
Inside only
Call for pricing! 877 238-2726 or 610 504-3142 Monday through Friday 7 am- 7pm or email:

1/4-page Vertical inside front or Back Cover
2.375' width / 9.5' Height

1/2 page
Trim: 7.75"w x 5.125h (Horizontal)
Inside only!
Call for pricing! 877 238-2726 or 610 504-3142 Monday through Friday 7 am- 7pm or email:

2/3 page
Trim: 5.125" w x 10.125" h (Vertical)
Inside only!
Call for pricing! 877 238-2726 or 610 504-3142 Monday through Friday 7 am- 7pm or email:

Full page
Trim: 10.5" h x 9"w
Inside Front Cover**
Inside Back Cover**
Back Cover**
*All Full-page spreads should be supplied with 1/8* bleed. **Only one ad in this
location available.
Call for pricing! 877 238-2726 or 610 504-3142 Monday through Friday 7 am- 7pm or email:

Double-page spread.
Trim: 10.5" x 17.8"
Inside only!
*Double-page spreads should be supplied with 1/8" bleed
Call for pricing! 877 238-2726 or 610 504-3142 Monday through Friday 7 am- 7pm or email:


Your rate will be determined. by the weight of your insert
Call Jermaine Warren (610) 504-3142 or email:, if you have any questions or need help determining the weight of your insert. If you want to target a specific area, you can pick specific postal routes, or you can do a full run 52,000.

*Size must be 8-1/2" X 11" or smaller (larger inserts must be folded to down to size)

*Preprinted Inserts: the Inserts must fit inside the bifold circular 10.5" x 9". If your inserts are over 12 " x 10" they must be quarter folded
There will be a Folding Charge of $70.00

* Pre-Printed Inserts (plus tax)
Must be scheduled. and in our office by Thursday @ 10:00 a.m. (prior to mailing date of circular) email:

Shipped Inserts ship to:
532 Hamilton St. Ste.15
Allentown, Pa 18101

* Inserts Not Pre-Printed (Do you need your insert designed and printed) (plus tax)

Please call Jermaine Warren 610 504-3142 or email:
At least two weeks prior to insertion circular mailing date.

* Regular Advertisers
Lower your Ad Rate With A Contract!
If you're going to run a display ad for at least 12 consecutive weeks,
let us know ahead of time we'll give you a pre-booking special discount!
During the running of the advert the content can changed without effect on the discount!

Call your APAM sales rep out our office 610 504-3142 or email: to see how we can help you!

* APAM Advertising Circular is owned and Published Soley by (APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media, LLC.
We reserve the right to edit refuse ANY advertisement due to content and (or) nature of the ad. No exceptions!

* All display advertising must measure at least 1-col inch in size, no exceptions!

* The APAM Advertising Circular by (APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media, LLC shall not be held responsible for any error other than the space occupied by a particular, error or mistake Nor shall we be
held liable for any resulting costs other than the cost of space occupied by the ad.

*All agreements are subject to strikes, accidents, fires, acts of GOD or pandemics or contingencies beyond the publisher's control.

*The publisher will not assume responsibility for any orders, corrections or cancellations given verbally. Instructions are to be in writing (email- only) and must be received before the deadline.

* Artwork and layouts created for the advertiser by (APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media's -APAM Advertising Circular remain the property of the publisher, no exceptions!

*The advertiser and/ or advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify the publisher against any and all liability, loss or expenses arising from claims of libel, unfair competition, unfair trade practices, infringement of trademarks, copyrights, trade names, patents or proprietary rights or violations of rights of privacy resulting from the publication of the publication of the advertiser's advertisement.






(APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media expresses our continued dedication to SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES!
By introducing new Super High-Quality products to the marketplace!



We create products of materials and solicits advertising space for local and regional businesses to get in front of their target market and increase their sales!


We offer Only One *Exclusive business per category!
For example, once we have secured a Jamaican Restaurant client!
No other Jamaican restaurant will appear on this giant mailer!

with Free ad design, no long-term contracts!
this is affordable for a new start up or an existing business to get in front of the marketplace!

Reserve your spot TODAY
before space runs out or your competitor signs up and gets in front of the marketplace up to 10,000 households!

We also share your ad on our Facebook for even more exposure!

Ad design is completely *Free!
You provide us with your branded images and ad copy with some basic information so that we can design your ad.
We will adjust it with a few revisions until it's too your liking!

*Small Ad (Business Card Size 3.5" x 2") Not Available for *Free Design! (Client must provide a high-resolution PNG, PDF, JPEG, and only in a Horizontal layout, no exceptions!

**Medium Ad (Size 3.5" x 2.73") Free Ad Design

***Large Ad (Double Business Card Size 3.5" x 4.17") Free Ad Design

****Double Large Ad (Double Large Ad size 7.17" x 4.17") Free Ad Design

Ask about multiple ad mailings and $AVE!

Contact APAM TODAY: Ask for Jermaine Warren 610 504-3142 / email:





APAM 9X12 Neighborhood Directory Card

We're excited t o bring about this postcard and the benefits we could share with businesses:

*Fully exclusive
*No contract
*100% visibility

On this card we provide a list of local resource information and phone numbers that residents of the postcard will want to keep handy!

*Neighborhood Schools
*Gas & Electric
*Police, hospitals & emergency centers

The rest of the card is for businesses that are in the neighborhood.

With our 9x12 directory design allow up to 24 exclusive business listings or up to 72 individual business listing

There are up to five traditional advertising spaces for ads to display your brand's logo and offer. Ask about the availability of these ads.
when you call us!

To advertise on the Neighborhood Directory card in your area, call: APAM 610 504-3142 ask for Jermaine Warren
Monday through Friday 7am-7pm. Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 8am-3pm or email: