PEEPSFEST(R) 2018 10Th Anniversary New Years Eve Celebration (Steel Stacks S. Bethlehem, Pa)

For the first time, the PEEPS(R) brand was opening its factory doors to the consumers while giving back through a partnership with the United Way of Greater Lehigh Valley (UWGLV). This partnership resulted in the launch of a nationwide sweepstakes, entitled PEEPS(R) Helping Peeps Sweepstakes.
APAM was asked to help raise awareness of the sweepstake which had a grand prize of a trip for four to experience the ultimate behind the sciences tour at the PEEPS(R) factory, located in Bethlehem, PA. To enter, Just Born Quality Confections encouraged fans to make a five dollar or more or donation via-text-to-give (UWGLV) that went towards supporting community schools.

To help Just Born Quality Confections raise awareness about this initiative at PEEPSFEST(R) we utilized our *New Sleek Unique Scrolling Led Backpack Billboard advertisement! The Backpack Billboard allowed Just Born Quality Confections to have a walking advertisement for PEEPS(R)Helping Peeps all throughout the grounds of PEEPSFEST(R). We also greeted the festival attendees as they entered the venue and passed out flyers while wearing the Scrolling Led Backpack Billboard Model!
Help Just Born Quality Confections raise awareness about PEEPS(R) Helping Peeps Sweepstakes and encourage PEEPSFEST(R) attendees to donate $5 for a chance to win a behind the scenes tour of the PEEPS(R) factory to help community schools.

Our team welcomed PEEPSFEST(R) attendees and passed out flyers for the PEEPS(R) Helping Peeps Sweepstakes.
Iit was also important that our team be able to move freely throughout the indoor and out door venue as we promoted the sweepstakes.
PEEPSFEST(R) 10th Anniversary New Years Eve Celebration
SteelStacks, Bethlehem, PA.

Date: 12/31/2018; 10 am-5;30pm
We successfully passed out 1050 flyers to PEEPSFEST(R) attendees.
There were approximately 8000 people in attendance on Day 2 of PEEPSFEST 2018.

We moved freely throughout the indoor and outdoor venue with the Scrolling Led Backpack Billboard. We were also on stage with the Billboard for the iconic PEEPS(R) Chick drop!

(Source ) : Meg Dowd Just Born Inc.'s Corporate Affairs Specialist said, that APAM helped us spread the word about the PEEPS(R) Helping Peeps Sweepstakes with ease and professionalism . Their workers were friendly and approachable for our attendees and they were an important part of our advertising plan for this event. - Just Born Quality Confections.
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